Benigno (Benny) Casiano – Systems Sales Engineer

Systems Sales Engineer
Brief info

We are very happy to welcome Benny Casiano as the newest member of our team as a Systems Sales Engineer. Benny brings with him many years of experience in the security field working throughout Florida and the entire Caribbean as a sales representative for a high-end security line. As a trained engineer he brings a level of professionalism to the sales and design process that few other companies can offer. 

Benny possesses in-depth knowledge of leading-edge low voltage technologies and is adept at creating innovative turn-key solutions designed to seamlessly integrate lighting, security, access control, video distribution, burglar alarm, and fire detection systems.

Proficient in managing million-dollar projects from design to installation, I effortlessly analyze existing processes, identify deficiencies, and implement improvements to reduce costs, shorten timelines, and improve efficiency.

He is skilled in leading high-performing teams, delivering engaging and informative presentations, and collaborating with diverse populations to lead projects for public and private enterprises encompassing airports, banks, educational institutions, petroleum companies, manufacturing facilities, healthcare, and hospitality sectors.

His extensive experience is focused on Access Control Systems (ACS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Analog and IP Closed Caption Television (CCTV), Intercoms, Mass Announcement, Audio Network, Digital Signage, Public Displays, Video Conferencing Systems, Marine Gauges, Video Time-Lapse Recording Systems.